Build an Online Business – The 1, 2, 3 Guide For Beginners

If you have a small business, are self employed or a person with a desire to build an online business, but do not know where to start, then this article is for you. Understand the 3 basics and learn how to use them. Soon you could be the owner of a great, online business providing business growth and extra income.The 1, 2, 3 of doing business online:1 – The ONE thing ‘they’ Want2 – Your TWO kinds of visitor3 – THREE phases to building your businessPart 1 – The ONE thing ‘they’ wantFirst of all, who are ‘they’?
Answer – anyone who is using the internet. In the vast majority of cases, people using the internet are looking for only ONE thing and that is information.You are reading this article because you want information about how to build an online business. But let us go back a step for a moment. Why are you looking for an article on building a business in the first place?I am going to be a bit presumptuous here because I would guess that it really comes down to just ONE word – PROBLEM. You have a problem – you want to have an online business but you are not sure how. So you are looking for the information you need to get your online business off with a bang.Millions of people, right now, have problems they want to solve.Simple things like what hair style is in fashion (PROBLEM – “I need a stylish hairdo but I don’t know what style to get”).Specific things like where is a good place for a family holiday (PROBLEM – “I need to find somewhere to keep everyone happy”).Business things like I need 3-inch diameter heat resistant, really strong glass disk (PROBLEM – “I need this part to put into my product”).To solve these problems people need information – at least to begin with. They ARE NOT looking for your specific product or special offer. Not only that, but the information needs to be of suitably high quality to solve their problem.So our Hairdo Gal is not looking for your Hair Salon nor is she looking for your $5.99 2 for 1 offer. She might get to that but right now she needs to know what hairdo she wants.Our Family is not yet looking for your Package Holiday. They might get to that but first they are looking for a child friendly resort, what is the food like?, is it safe?Our business is not looking for your company, they are looking for the right kind of material for the job.People are looking for high quality information not products. They may eventually want to buy a specific product once they have done their research and found the information they need.So how does this help you?If you want to have a successful business you need to provide information to help people solve their problems. Many website businesses fail because their owners do not realise this ONE concept.Your goal is to create a website solely for the purpose of helping people solve their problems. You do that by identifying what those problems are and then supplying the information needed to solve those problem. Along the way, you guide your visitor toward buying your products or services.If you want to build an online business, the first step is to get into the mindset you your customer and give them what they want. Treat them with respect by giving them what they need to solve their problems – they need information.Copyright: you may freely republish this article, provided the text, author credit, the active links and this copyright notice remain intact.